i don’t wanna live on this world anymore…

i don't wanna live on this world anymore...



Rock, Emo, and associate

I don’t like how people assume rock music is emo. They  think rock music is emo because they all think it talks about killing themselves or death. That’s rubbish I say! Rock music and actual meaningful lyrics. That’s like saying dubstep are for mindless druggies, or rap is for gang members. #RantOfTheDay

This Half-Week in History, April 6-9

Vancouver looks bigger than I thought


April 6, 1886.  Our lovely city of Vancouver is incorporated.  Originally, Vancouver only included part of our modern city (Point Grey and East Van were independent cities).  Today, Vancouver is the third-largest city in Canada, with our Metro area containing over 2 million people.


April 7, 30 AD.  This is believed to be the date when the Roman soldiers crucified Jesus.  The symbolism of the cross is one of the cornerstones of the Christian faith.  Two days later, on Easter Sunday, Jesus was supposedly resurrected by God (though he only lasted for 40 more days).

April 8, 1946.  My birthday (well not the 1946 date)!  Also, the last meeting of the League of Nations, precursor to the UN.  The League of Nations was even more useless than the UN, crippled by the fact that the USA was not a member.  Even when one of its member states (Ethiopia) was invaded…

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